Facility Closures

At VE Contracting, we understand that our customers sometimes find themselves with an opportunity to reevaluate their position on current locations.  Occasionally, they must consider closing locations that have seen lower traffic, are stuck in toxic leases, or find themselves in a building that can’t be remodeled or rebuilt.

No matter the circumstance, VE is available to provide store closings to their customers in a discrete and timely manner, leaving the location vacant as if they were never there.

We work with landlords for those spaces and buildings that have been left abandoned but are nonfunctional to lease. We also work closely with property management teams and owners to remove signs, equipment, furniture, etc. Since we are a full service National General Contractor we are able to “White-Wall” the space in preparation for release.

Together, we will design a unique list of services targeted to help your specific company that will fulfill the terms of your lease or management agreement.   

Facility Closure Services:

  • De-Identification of Store Front (i.e. Removal of Signage)
  • Board Up or Blackout of Windows
  • Removal/Shipping of Leased Equipment (i.e. Security, Printers, etc)
  • Removal of Equipment Indoors and Outdoors
  • Delivery of Equipment, Dry Goods or Food to Other Sites
  • Warehousing & Inventory of Equipment for Depreciation and Future Allocation
  • Sale or Disposal of Dry Goods or Equipment
  • Sanitizing of Site and Shut Down of Equipment for Future Use
  • Final Security Check to Secure Building
  • Winterization by State and Local Ordinances
  • Securing of Any Permits.
  • Exterior Repairs to Building After Removal of Signs
  • Any Landlord Requested or Lease Terms.
  • Lowering of Set Points for Energy Consumption
  • Assist in the Cancellation of Contracts for Services (i.e. Lawn, HVAC, etc.)